An overview of our production and events surrounding our interpretation of two productions; A 1703 wedding between a Native American and a Spanish Soldier at Mission San Luis, and a re-enactment of Bernardo de Quirós play El Muerto.


February 2015

On February 8, 2015, Theater with a Mission presented a deeply researched, dynamically performed reenactment of key moments in a cross-cultural marriage during Florida’s mission period.

Here, you can revisit high points from Theater with a Mission’s world premiere performance.

This living history event invited members of the public to experience what a wedding at Mission San Luis could have looked, felt, sounded, and tasted like in 1703, as

  • two Processions brought the Bride and Groom together outside the Church,
  • the couple and their sponsors engaged in a formal Betrothal at the Church door,
  • the community processed into the Church for dramatic highlights from the Latin Nuptials,
  • and then everyone partied heartily at an intercultural Fiesta on the Plaza (complete with a one-act play).

Links will lead you to the lines of inquiry and the historical sources used to build a solid research basis for reconstructing this Wedding.

You can find samples of translations and storylines commissioned for the event, plus selected pictures, audio files, video clips, and instructions for accessing even more materials.

The pleasure of your company is cordially requested – to Enter & Enjoy!


June 2015

In the spring of 2015 Theater With A Mission was invited by Florida Living History, Inc. to participate in their annual re-enactment of “The Battle of Bloody Mose“. We embraced the opportunity to bring our production of El Muerto to the great peoples of St. Augustine on the weekend of June 20-21, 2015.  Our cast enjoyed the outing and look forward to our next visit to St. Augustine.